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Pennsylvania Bible Reading Marathon

Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA, Facing State Street

May 21-25 at the Capitol steps in Harrisburg, the Bible Reading Marathon welcomes everyone to come and celebrate the reading of the Bible from beginning to end, non-stop for 90 […]


Hoagies Sale for St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church 117 East Arch St., Fleetwood

The Cultural Series Team of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fleetwood is selling hoagie tickets to offset the cost of future concerts. The team hosts concerts ranging from classical […]

Faith Speech on Trial in Finland

The Rev. Juhana Pohjola, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland (ELMDF), will speak at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, 308 Petersburg Rd., in Lititz, on Monday, May 23, 2022, at […]