LANCASTER -State Police in Lancaster have made an arrest in a sexual assault case that occurred in April 1997. The assaults occurred against two juveniles near their residence on West Newport Road in Leacock Township. DNA and physical evidence was gathered at the time. The DNA was continuously searched through police databases for possible matches throughout the years, but did not match any specific suspect. In 2022, the DNA evidence was submitted for testing in attempts to generate a genealogical profile to assist in identifying a suspect. With the results of that testing and additional information, the suspect was identified as 54-year-old Eric Dorwart of Manheim Township. Dorwart was of sufficient age to have committed the assault and would have matched the physical description provided by the victims at the time of the incident. Dorwart was taken into custody and arraigned. He was given 25,000 non-monetary bail and was released pending a preliminary hearing.