HARRISBURG – A group of Democrat state senators have implored Gov. Tom Wolf to suspend the termination of about 700 employees until public hearings can be held on the clandestine decision by the PA Turnpike Commission. Turnpike officials noted that traffic has dropped by almost 50% since March compared to 2019. Toll revenues dropped by more than $100 million for the fiscal year ending May 31. Turnpike officials added that the pandemic had a much greater impact than anyone could have foreseen and the toll road has not been spared Sen. John Sabatina of Philadelphia, the Democrat Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, said it’s absurd that we would send 700 more Pennsylvanians to the unemployment line during this crisis. He added that these loyal state employees should be retained until the end of 2021. In all, 17 state senators are calling for hearings before the June 18th termination date. A letter was sent to Gov. Wolf on Friday.