LANCASTER – Saturday afternoon’s Spotlight continues a pro life theme with another special program with Brad Mattes of Life Issues Institute hosting “Breaking The Silence: A Look At Chemical Abortion.” The program alerts women to the dangers and harm that chemical abortion often inflicts on them, both physically and emotionally, and offers hope and forgiveness found through Jesus Christ. One person featured is Dr. Donna Harrison, a member of the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, who talks about the dangers associated with chemical abortions. Another is Elizabeth Gillette, who was pushed into a chemical abortion by an un-supportive boyfriend and workers at a Planned Parenthood clinic. She described what happened after taking the abortion pill. Hear more on “Breaking The Silence: A Look At Chemical Abortion” on Saturday afternoon’s Spotlight at 12:30 on WDAC and 2:30 on WBYN 107.5. You can listen to the program online right now at under “podcasts.”