HARRISBURG – A bill to better protect drivers who travel the PA Turnpike is now on the governor’s desk. House Bill 2139 would require the PA Turnpike Commission to notify an E-ZPass account holder the first time the person incurs a v-toll in a calendar year. V-tolls are assessed when a driver’s E-ZPass transponder is not detected. In 2021, more than 200,000 Pennsylvanians were charged v-tolls. Under the bill, the notice would include information about proper placement of the E-ZPass transponder, replacement of the device, and notification that failure to correct the issue may result in additional v-tolls and administrative fees. The commission would also have to establish a process to appeal v-tolls. The bill also decreases the threshold at which penalties can be assessed against drivers who don’t pay. A driver’s vehicle registration could be suspended after four unpaid tolls, rather than the current six, and after $250 in unpaid tolls instead of the current $500. The statute of limitations to collect an unpaid toll is increased from three to five years after the violation was committed.