HARRISBURG – Blair County Sen. Judy Ward has condemned the PA Attorney General’s decision to launch a website targeting pregnancy resource centers and soliciting anonymous complaints against them using a new form on a website. Attorneys general in several other states have recently put up similar websites. The website provides examples of complaints, but does not acknowledge prior receipt of any such complaint. The Republican lawmaker called it troubling that our attorney general would choose to malign pregnancy resource centers that have been helping young women for many years. Despite the success rates these centers, they are now in the partisan cross hairs of the attorney general. Ward added, “Like Gov. Josh Shapiro, the attorney general is putting politics ahead of the many women who receive life-affirming care from these programs.” The PA Department of Human Services announced in August that it was cancelling its contract with Real Alternatives which was created in 1994 in a bipartisan attempt to provide an alternative to abortion. Since its inception, Real Alternatives and the pregnancy resource centers they support have helped over 350,000 women during over 1.8 million visits, all while not receiving a single complaint in their 28 year history. Earlier this year, Gov. Shapiro pulled funding for Real Alternatives, which helped hundreds of thousands of women and families by providing parenting classes for women and men, baby clothes, diapers, and supplies, and resources to keep families together and growing.