HARRISBURG – PA House Republicans are frustrated at the House Democrats’ refusal to codify how sexual harassment victims can file complaints. The concern follows an allegation of sexual harassment made against a sitting PA House member by a woman who spoke Jan. 27 at House Speaker Mark Rozzi’s listening tour. Andi Perez, a lobbyist for the SEIU, told that a sitting House member touched her inappropriately. PA House Republicans are pursuing an expansion of House ethical conduct rules and procedures to allow sexual harassment complaints made by anyone against a member or officer of the House in employment-related circumstances. Currently, the House operating rules do not offer such protection. Philadelphia County Rep. Martina White shared her concerns says she’s been in contact with the Democrats, but no action is taken. White added, “We can not allow a predator to feel emboldened by the Speaker and Leader McClinton’s inaction and be free to potentially harass another person.” Bucks County Rep. Kristin Marcell, a new House member, shared her concerns saying, “It is past time for Democrats to hold this person accountable and it is time for everyone who interacts with the Capitol building or lawmakers to stand together until this person is finally identified and held to account for their actions.”