HARRISBURG – York County Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill has responded to the sexual harassment allegations in the Shapiro Administration. She said the lack of information or even acknowledgment by Gov. Shapiro regarding the alleged sexual harassment by one of his former top officials is humiliating to women and sends a message to working women that they are not truly valued. It also raises more questions than answers, such as how long did Gov. Shapiro know, and have taxpayers been affected? She added, “Secrecy continues to be a trend with this administration, which required staff to sign a lengthy three-page nondisclosure agreement during the executive branch’s transition period earlier this year. This is why we need more transparency. If the governor can expedite the state’s permitting process and tout a major bridge repair in days, he needs to address why he allowed the alleged offender to remain in his taxpayer-funded role for several months while never addressing this serious matter.”