HARRISBURG – One aspect of Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed 2022-23 budget would eliminate agriculture funding critical to animal health by cutting money for the PA Animal Health and Diagnostic Commission and funds to support the information technology needs of the state’s Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services. The commission facilitates in-state research, testing, and surveillance of livestock and poultry diseases. After an outbreak of avian influenza in the 1980s that had a devastating impact on PA’s poultry industry and economy, efforts to provide for surveillance and mitigation were implemented. The commission, established by lawmakers in 1988, provides PA farmers with the expertise of animal health specialists, diagnostic testing labs, and the ability to identify disease outbreaks before they spread and reach crisis levels. Adams County Rep. Dan Moul, Chairman of the PA House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, said since food insecurity is a priority of the Wolf Administration, he’s baffled why the governor is not making the protection of PA’s food supply a top priority.