HARRISBURG – In the wake of the Department of State failing to fulfill its responsibility of publishing a constitutional amendment, which prevented amendment questions from appearing on the May primary ballot, the House State Government Committee today approved two pieces of legislation to investigate what happened and to alter the constitutional amendment process, committee Chairman Seth Grove (R-Dover) announced. The committee approved with bipartisan support House Bill 1010 to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to move the task of writing constitutional amendments to the General Assembly and shift the duty of advertising proposed amendments to the secretary of Senate or the chief clerk of the House of Representatives. House Bill 1010 would have to be approved by the General Assembly in two consecutive sessions, meaning if it is passed this session, it would also have to be approved during the 2023-24 session.  The committee also approved along party lines House Resolution 91 to authorize a full investigation into how the Department of State failed to fulfill its duties when it neglected to advertise an amendment to create a two-year window for survivors of child sexual abuse to file lawsuits though the statute of limitations as passed. In addition, the committee unanimously approved House Bill 1264 to determine the full amount of personal protective equipment the state has on hand. All three pieces of legislation are now in the House for full consideration.