HARRISBURG – The House Judiciary Committee advanced two pieces of legislation sponsored by York County Rep. Kate Klunk to the full House. House Bill 1366, known as the Pennsylvania Family Law Arbitration Act, would create a statutory structure for the arbitration of family law disputes in Pennsylvania. The legislation is based on the Uniform Family Law Arbitration Act developed by the Uniform Law Commission and is consistent with the recently passed Revised Uniform Arbitration Act (Act 55 of 2018). As parties take advantage of this private arbitration method to resolve family law matters, the significant backlog of court matters due to the COVID-19 pandemic would be alleviated and save taxpayer dollars. Klunk’s House Bill 2046 was also voted out of committee, which would amend existing definitions related to bail bondsman and sureties in the criminal justice system.  The legislation would ensure all sureties and bondsmen are held to the same standards of professional accountability for the benefit of our communities and public safety. Both bills now go to the full House for consideration.