LANCASTER – A Lancaster County man who pleaded guilty to the cold-case murder of Christy Mirack in 2019 has had his Post-Conviction DNA-Testing petition denied. Raymond Rowe, also known as DJ Freez, pleaded guilty to criminal homicide and other charges on January 8, 2019, and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Rowe and his attorney filed a petition seeking post-conviction DNA Testing in 2020 and hearings on the petition were held in Lancaster County Court last year. Rowe requested post-conviction DNA testing of five additional items from the crime scene with the hope of using the results within a petition to establish new fact of the case and prove his innocence. Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker denied the petition finding that Rowe failed to demonstrate a reasonable possibility that favorable results of the requested DNA testing would establish his innocence. Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams said we think this is the correct legal decision and hope it provides some measure of relief for the family, but this is likely just the beginning of what can be a lengthy appellate process. Rowe has 30 days to appeal the ruling to the Superior Court.