LANCASTER – A Chester County man has been held for court on charges after a January 8th armed robbery at a Sunoco on the 7100 block of Division Highway in Salisbury Township, Lancaster County. 61-year-old Kenneth Byrd of Downingtown will have the first-degree felony and three misdemeanor charges bound over to the Lancaster Court of Common Pleas. Authorities say Byrd approached the front of the store and approached a clerk who finished counting money and dropping it into a safe. Byrd walked behind the counter and pointed a firearm at the clerk demanding “the bag.” The clerk handed over the bag that contained about $5,500. Authorities were able to determine the suspect walked with a limp and drove a red Honda Civic that belonged to his girlfriend through surveillance video and additional investigation. It was determined that Byrd had previously robbed the Honey Brook Express in May 2021. Police obtained a search warrant for the Honey Brook address where Byrd and his girlfriend had been staying and found $2,715 in an upstairs bedroom and a gun resembling the one used in the robbery. Byrd is in custody at Lancaster County Prison.