WASHINGTON, DC – Legislation from PA U.S. Sen. Bob Casey called the STURDY Act has gone into effect. The measure requires companies to ensure their products meet safety and stability requirements before being sold. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, furniture tip-overs cause an average of 22,500 emergency room-treated injuries each year as children are trapped, injured or struck by furniture. Since 2000, over 581 deaths have been associated with tip-overs with 81% being children. The STURDY Act changes the stability standard from voluntary to mandatory. All furniture manufactured from September 1, 2023 onward must comply with the new stability standard. While the mandatory standards will help prevent tip-overs, Casey is urging parents to be diligent about anchoring new and existing furniture by visiting the website: AnchorIt.gov. The new law received the support of retailers like IKEA, Crate & Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma.