Cumberland County, PA – On May 10, 2022, a Cumberland County jury unanimously found Davone Anderson should be sentenced to death. One day prior, that same jury found Anderson guilty of the first degree murders of Sydney Parmelee, Kaylee Lyons and the first degree murder of Lyon’s unborn child. At Davone Anderson’s formal sentencing yesterday, District Attorney Seán M. McCormack requested Anderson be sentenced to multiple consecutive sentences so that each sentence, standing alone, would represent each of Anderson’s victims. President Judge Edward Guido complied with that request as he formally imposed the jury’s death sentence, along with two additional life without parole sentences consecutive to the death sentence and to one another for the murder of Sydney Parmelee on July 5, 2020, and the July 31, 2020, murders of Kaylee Lyons and Lyon’s unborn child. On July 5, 2020, Anderson murdered Sydney Parmelee, the 23-year-old mother of two of his children. Twenty-six days later, in the same residence he killed Parmelee, Anderson killed 23-year-old Kaylee Lyons. Lyons was the mother of another of Anderson’s children and was pregnant with his child at the time of her death. Anderson additionally pleaded guilty yesterday to the March 11, 2022, aggravated assault of a fellow prisoner who he tossed off the second tier of the prison cells to the main floor below. That victim survived the fall but suffered multiple fractures because of the assault. For that assault, Anderson was given an additional sentence of 6 to 12 years in state prison, consecutive to his other sentences.