HARRISBURG – The PA Senate approved legislation providing greater efficiency and transparency into PA’s Campaign Finance reporting system. Senate Bill 140 will require all candidates for office and political action committees in PA to file with the Commonwealth Secretary to electronically file their campaign finance reports utilizing the Department of State’s online filing system. Currently, candidates and committees have the option of filing their campaign finance reports through paper submission, which is outdated, costly, and inefficiently necessitates Department of State staff to upload copies to the Department’s website, delaying the public’s access to candidate’s reports. If a member of the public wished to view the reports, they currently would have to either travel to Harrisburg or pay for copies to be sent by mail. The bill also increases penalties for late filings, allows for an exemption for persons without computer access, establishes a training program for users of the online filing system, and requires the Department of State to ensure that all information is available in a publicly searchable database within four days. At least 32 states already require electronic filing. The bill now moves to the state House for consideration.