HARRISBURG – One item in Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget proposal is marijuana legalization for non-medical use. PA Family Institute’s Dan Bartkowiak says using the state budget to propose marijuana being sold for non-medical use in local communities is gross negligence to the children and families our state officials are elected to serve. Shapiro proposes to impose a 20% tax on marijuana products sold. There’s a list of groups in the state that have expressed opposition to the legalization of non medical marijuana including the PA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, PA Fraternal Order of Police, PA District Attorneys Association, and Caron Treatment Centers. Opponents say Shapiro’s proposal neglects any of the real costs associated with marijuana legalization. In Colorado, where marijuana is legal, estimates show it costs $4.50 for every dollar brought in by marijuana tax revenue. The costs are seen in areas like health care, traffic, crime, housing, education, workplace safety, and homelessness.