HARRISBURG – State and federal data shows Legionnaires’ disease is on the rise in PA and across the nation. Despite the public health risk, PA has no comprehensive plan or requirements for managing or testing for the disease. A bipartisan bill has been introduced that would raise awareness about the disease while putting in place sound prevention and mitigation strategies. The pathogen that causes the disease is found naturally in fresh water environments, including those used as a source by public drinking water systems. The bacteria grow in stagnant water or poorly treated building water systems and eventually spread via mist. Senate Bill 1125 would direct both public drinking water providers and certain building owners to assess their water systems for risk and adopt mitigation measures. The bill would codify the seven-step industry standard, ASHRAE-188, which is backed by the CDC, EPA, and many other industry and professional organizations. ASHRAE-188 is only voluntary and not widely adopted. Experts believe cases are going undetected because both Legionnaires’ and COVID-19 are a severe pneumonia.