HARRISBURG – Two PA state senators plan to reintroduce the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Act for Taxpayer Accountability this session. The measure will protect whistleblowers against retaliation for reporting waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars. Republican York County Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill says the failure to adopt a civil fraud statute has prevented PA from recovering taxpayer money lost to fraud. We must encourage individuals to come forward who can thwart scams and save taxpayers thousands, if not millions, as evidenced in other states with these protections in place. Democrat Allegheny County Sen. Lindsey Williams said as both a whistleblower and as an attorney who worked with whistleblowers, there are a lot of risks in reporting. You can lose your job, your healthcare, and your retirement all in one fell swoop. In addition to providing the critical information needed to investigate and pursue funds lost to waste, fraud, and abuse, the measure includes all provisions required for compliance with the Federal False Claims Act which will allow PA to recoup an additional 10% of any monies recovered under the law.