HARRISBURG – The PA House Environmental Resources & Energy Committee advanced several pieces of legislation and resolutions seeking to maximize energy independence, ramp up domestic energy production statewide, and unleash PA’s full potential to power America’s free world allies. House Resolution 187 urges the governors of New York and New Jersey to end anti-pipeline policies that block PA natural gas from reaching markets in New England. House Resolution 189 calls on the Biden Administration and Congress to take measures to increase America’s long-term energy affordability and security by ensuring the continued operation and expansion of our oil and gas infrastructure. House Bills 2450 and 2451 would open the Delaware River Basin for natural gas development and exploration. House Bill 2458 creates a task force to study establishing the port of Philadelphia as a Liquified Natural Gas export terminal. House Bill 2461 would end Gov. Wolf’s moratorium on subsurface leases of state land to boost domestic energy production. Senate Bill 119 would clarify that PA may not join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative or pursue similar efforts without obtaining specific authorization from the General Assembly. All the measures now go to the full state House.