HARRISBURG – The PA Senate Judiciary Committee approved three bills impacting school terroristic threats, family law disputes, and wiretapping and use of body cameras. Senate Bill 975 would create heightened penalties for terroristic threats when the threats relate to a school or educational facility. As part of the bill, an amendment was offered allowing schools to recoup the full costs of the evacuation due to a threat. The committee also passed House Bill 917 that would adopt the Uniform Family Law Arbitration Act, allowing parties to resolve certain family law disputes through voluntary arbitration. By opening the potential for the parties to avail themselves of an established arbitration system, there is hope for a less contentious and costly process yielding better outcomes, particularly for children involved. House Bill 1278 would extend PA’s Wiretap Act through 2029 and authorize the use of body worn cameras by state parole agents.The bills now head to the full Senate for consideration.