HARRISBURG – Two bills are being introduced to increase safety on trains operating in PA. Sponsor of the bills, Blair County Rep. Lou Schmitt says multiple trains with hazardous materials move through PA and as we’ve seen with the train derailment in neighboring Ohio, there’s a need for stricter freight rail safety standards. House Bill 1126 requires freight trains to be operated by two people in the cab of the locomotive. It also grants authority to the PA Public Utility Commission to levy civil penalties against rail companies that do not comply with the two-person requirement. House Bill 1127 would limit the length of trains to 8,500 feet. The length of trains has greatly increased over the years with the average length being well over a mile, leading to numerous safety issues. There are also concerns that longer trains lead to traffic congestion and delayed response by emergency crews waiting at rail crossings. The bills are before the House Consumer Protection, Technology, and Utilities Committee