HARRISBURG – Indiana County Rep. Jim Struzzi has proposed a measure that would fix a common tax problem faced by Pennsylvanians who have lost a loved one. The lawmaker was approached by a local resident who experienced the unexpected loss of an adult child, and in the process of settling the estate, discovered that the deceased overpaid Personal Income Tax and a refund was owed. Resolving the same situation with federal income tax is easy because the IRS created Form 1310 for claiming that refund. Struzzi’s House Bill 1921 will create a similar mechanism at the state level. The bill would allow the Department of Revenue to issue a refund to the executor, administrator, or other personal representative of the decedent in cases where a will is not present. The representative would need only to complete the form, accompanied by a certified death certificate and proper documentation confirming the relationship to the decedent in order to obtain the refund.