HARRISBURG – Senator Ryan Aument reintroduced legislation to make parents aware of the mature content their child may be provided in school and give them the ability to deny their own child access to such content. Aument said, “I have been contacted by parents who are concerned about inappropriate content in their children’s school curriculum and library books. In examples right here in PA, parents have identified books and assignments that contain graphic, sexually explicit content that adults would be prohibited from viewing at work. Parents, understandably, are outraged.” In response to these concerns, he introduced Senate Bill 7, which would require schools to identify the explicit materials, create an opt-in policy to notify parents, give them opportunity to review the materials and require them to give direct consent for their kids to have access to content and provide the child with non-explicit alternatives if their parents do not opt-in. Importantly, Senate Bill 7 would not ban any books from any Pennsylvania school curriculum or library.