HARRISBURG – With bipartisan support, the PA Senate approved legislation to improve students’ academic performance and mental health by limiting the use of cellphones during school. Senate Bill 1207 establishes the Cell Phone Lockable Bag Pilot Program to award grants to participating schools to purchase secure, lockable smartphone bags in which students would deposit their mobile devices until the end of the school day. The bill would require participating schools to track certain metrics like academic performance, mental health, and other behavioral issues to study the impact of a smartphone-free school on students. Bill sponsor, Lancaster County Sen. Ryan Aument says children spend so much time using their smartphones that it’s taking a toll on them mentally, emotionally, and academically. Students deserve to learn without a constant distraction in their pockets. The bill will also require schools to include exemptions in their smartphone use policy for students with a documented medical condition that requires the use of a smartphone. The bill now moves to the PA House.