HARRISBURG – Legislation designating March 6 as Persian Gulf War Veterans Day and October 7 as Global War on Terrorism Veterans Day in PA was approved in the state Senate. Senate Bill 248 requires the governor to issue a proclamation on March 6 and October 7 to encourage, but not mandate, schools to observe and conduct exercises recognizing the contributions of the veterans who served in these two conflicts. One of the bill’s sponsors, Sen. Doug Mastriano of Adams, Cumberland, & York Counties says this needs to be done. Another bill sponsor, York County Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill said it’s important to pay tribute to those who fought for our nation in those conflicts. Over 2.5 million Americans served in these two conflicts and over 6,000 Americans and 324 Pennsylvanians perished in those conflicts. PA currently recognizes World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War. The bill was the idea of Spring Grove’s Sgt. Harold Redding, who has been a leading advocate for PA veterans. He successfully championed the effort to recognize March 29 as National Vietnam War Veterans Day at the national level. Senate Bill 248 now goes to the state House.