HARRISBURG -A bill expanding access to a state program that allows patients to access certain donated life-saving medications has unanimously passed the PA House Health Committee. House Bill 2363 would expand the number of prescription drugs eligible to be donated through the Cancer Drug Repository Program and increase patient and pharmacy participation in the program. Bill sponsor, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler said he introduced the bill after meeting with a constituent who was looking to donate unused prescription drugs from a loved one’s cancer treatment, but was turned away. Unfortunately, the limited number of donors, government regulation, and a lack of awareness has limited the number of available prescription drugs through the program. The bill would increase participation of those who can donate medication, boost the ability of patients to participate in the program, and expand the kinds of medication able to be donated and received. As of 2023, 44 states that have enacted laws for donation and reuse of applicable prescription drugs with successful results following implementation. House Bill 2363 now heads to the state Senate for consideration.