HARRISBURG – Luzerne County Rep. Tarah Toohil plans to introduce legislation to create a special state commission that would make recommendations for improving PA’s child welfare system. The proposed commission would be made up of 17 members from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of state government. The so-called Interbranch Commission on the Child Welfare System would conduct investigations and recommend changes to child protection laws through legislation or by rule. Toohil says the Grace Packer case is a tragic example of why such a commission is needed in PA. The 14-year-old Montgomery County girl was murdered and dismembered in 2016 by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, who dumped the body in Luzerne County. During her short life, she had multiple contacts with the Department of Human Services and children and youth systems that should have protected her. Toohil expects the legislation to be formally introduced in the coming weeks.