HARRISBURG – A bill to revitalize PA’s Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement advanced from the state Senate. The bureau has been struggling over the last several years to cover basic operations and fill critical vacancies in order to perform their duties efficiently. Senate Bill 746 would revise annual and lifetime dog license fees. For individual dog licenses, the annual fees would increase by $2 for an annual license in the first year to $7, and a subsequent increase of $2 the following year to $9, with a final increase of $1 in 2027 taking the maximum fee increase to $10, and $49 for a lifetime license regardless of spay/neuter status. Seniors and persons disabled would be eligible for a discount. Since kennel inspections are part of the work done by the bureau, the bill includes a 25% percent increase for each classification. The measure also establishes an online licensing website, revokes kennel licenses when the kennel is charged with animal cruelty, and increases criminal penalties for law violators. The bill moves to the state House.