HARRISBURG (AP) – Spending in the campaign for an open PA Supreme Court seat is picking up, with millions flowing into the race as the sides sharpen their attacks over ethics and abortion. The race between Democrat Dan McCaffery and Republican Carolyn Carluccio won’t change the partisan balance on the seven-seat high court, but it could narrow the Democrat majority to a one-vote margin, 4-3, should Carluccio win. Total reported spending has passed $4.5 million, with millions more likely before the Nov. 7 election. Carluccio is the target of TV ads by Planned Parenthood’s national political arm and a group called Pennsylvanians for Judicial Fairness that say she is a threat to abortion. Carluccio, a Montgomery County judge, is endorsed by PA Pro-Life Federation and Pro-Life Coalition of PA. McCaffery, who sits on the state Superior Court, has been blunt about his positions and warned that electing Republican judges will undo the gains that Democrats have fought for, including voting, labor, and abortion rights. Labor unions and trial lawyers’ groups have given to McCaffery’s campaign.