HARRISBURG – The PA House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved legislation by York County Rep. Kate Klunk to further protect victims of domestic violence. House Bill 175 would require all municipal police officers in PA to undergo training on assessing the lethality risk of domestic violence incidents. Due to the pandemic, particularly the stay-at-home order, there are reports of an increase in at-home abuse, including domestic violence. The bill is modeled on the Lethality Assessment Program training which is a highly effective method for law enforcement to identify domestic violence victims who are at the highest risk of being seriously injured or killed by their partners. Officers are trained to ask a series of questions, and certain answers can indicate an increased risk for homicide. If there is an elevated risk, the responding officer would call a local 24-hour domestic violence hotline to seek advice and would then encourage the victim to speak with the specially trained hotline advocate. The bill now goes to the full House for consideration.