HARRISBURG – Legislation is being introduced to protect dogs and cats being sold or used for medical experiments. Erie County Rep. Ryan Bizzaro authored Libre’s Law that strengthened penalties for people who abuse animals, and is offering this legislation. Modeled after the successful “Beagle Bills” that were passed in Virginia this year, the three bills would require those who breed dogs and cats for sale to animal testing facilities and the testing facilities themselves to offer dogs and cats for adoption once the animals are no longer needed and adoption poses no risk to the animal or to the public. It would also prohibit the sale of dogs or cats by a kennel or person that has received citations for violating the Animal Welfare Act for research purposes. It also gives animal testing labs and kennel employees whistleblower protections when reporting animal abuse and allows PA regulators to take away kennel licenses when an operator has been convicted of state and/or federal charges of cruelty to animals. House Bills 2910, 2911, and 2912 have been referred to committees for further action.