HARRISBURG – The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed PA joins over two dozen states currently experiencing positive cases of avian influenza in commercial poultry populations. This highly contagious disease can impact migratory birds, backyard poultry, and commercial poultry populations. The avian flu was recently confirmed in several species of migratory birds located in the southeastern and northwestern regions of PA. State House Speaker, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler says the avian flu is an imminent threat to our state’s poultry farmers and our economy. He added we must make necessary investments to protect and support our poultry supply and the animal diagnostic laboratory system that is so critical to rapidly identifying suspect cases in the effort to mitigate losses.There is no cure for avian flu. Depopulation is the only solution. In order to protect flocks from the disease, poultry owners should keep poultry inside their coop to avoid contact with wild birds; remove birdhouses and feeders used by wild birds; wear dedicated footwear and clothing to work with birds; wash hands before and after working with birds; clean and disinfect equipment in contact with birds; and limit visitors to the premises.