HARRISBURG (AP) – A PA law that delivers automatic pay raises for state officials will pay dividends next year. The law will give over 1,300 officials a pay raise of 3.5% in 2024. That includes Gov. Josh Shapiro, 253 lawmakers, and seven state Supreme Court justices. A 1995 law ties wage hikes to year-over-year increases in consumer prices for mid-Atlantic urban areas, as determined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s on pace to amount to a bigger increase than the increase in private sector wages. The new, higher salaries are effective Jan. 1 for the executive and judicial branches, and Dec. 1 for lawmakers. Shapiro’s salary will rise to $237,679 while Lt. Gov. Austin Davis, Treasurer Stacy Garrity, Auditor General Tim DeFoor, and Attorney General Michelle Henry will each get a boost that puts their salaries just shy of $200,000. Chief Justice Debra Todd, the highest paid judicial officeholder, will see her salary rise to over $260,000 while salaries for other high court justices will rise to $253,360. The raises also apply to 1,000 other appellate, county, and magisterial district judges. The salaries of the two highest-paid state lawmakers – Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward and House Speaker Joanna McClinton – will rise to $166,132, while the salary of a rank-and-file lawmaker will rise to $106,422.