LANCASTER COUNTY – Authorities in Lancaster County say the investigation into Linda Stoltzfoos’ whereabouts is a “constant, ongoing, collaborative effort.” The 18-year-old Amish woman has been missing since June 21 when she was kidnapped on Beechdale Road in Bird-in-Hand while walking home from church. 34-year-old Justo Smoker of Paradise Township is charged with her kidnapping. There has been nothing found thus far to indicate Stoltzfoos knew Smoker prior to the crime. Investigators are building a timeline of events before, on, and after June 21. They are asking for assistance from the community – specifically, if anyone saw Smoker’s red Kia Rio sedan in that time frame. District Attorney Heather Adams said, “This case is a priority and we are doing everything we can to find Linda and bring her home to secure justice for her family and the community.” Smoker’s Kia Rio has a missing, front passenger-side hubcap, black trim, a rear spoiler, and an ‘LCM’ sticker on the trunk. The vehicle is in police custody. State Police asked anyone with information about the Kia’s movements on and around June 21 to call 717-299-7650 and provide that information. Frank Apicella, Supervisory Special Agent with FBI in Harrisburg, said a $10,000 reward is still being offered by the bureau.