LANCASTER – Lancaster County authorities announced criminal homicide charges in a missing woman case that happened in 1984. Authorities charged 67-year-old Jere Bagenstose with the death of his estranged wife. He was arrested without incident is being held in Lancaster County Prison. 25-year-old Mary Ann Bagenstose was last seen at her home in West Willow, Lancaster County, on June 25, 1984. In a phone call, Mary Ann told her mother that her estranged husband would be picking her up to go look at a car he was considering buying for her. Jere Bagenstose would later tell police that he went to the home that morning, but that Mary Ann was gone, and left a note saying that she was walking to a nearby Turkey Hill since her car wouldn’t start. The clerks at the store, who knew Mary Ann, stated that they didn’t see her that day. The body of Mary Ann has never been recovered, but investigators cite a variety of factors and evidence established that this is not a missing persons case.