EPHRATA – Blessings of Hope is reaching out to help tornado victims in Mayfield, KY. The Lancaster County outreach has sent food, water, and relief items to the area. The path of this tornado was only a few miles from their Campbellsville, KY warehouse. While finalizing response opportunities, you can check out their website – blessingsofhope.com/relief – for updates, ways to make a monetary contribution, and the need for truck drivers to drive aid to KY. Blessings of Hope is partnering with Plain Compassion Crisis Response and some local organizations to provide strategic relief efforts in smaller towns in the path of the tornado. The focus of Blessings of Hope is to bring needed food resources to the area, the focus of Plain Compassion is to bring people willing to work and physical aid to the area. If you are interested in volunteering some time in Kentucky, go to plaincompassion.org and fill out the online form stating how many people you want to bring, what equipment you can bring, and how long you want to stay and someone will be in touch with you to connect you with a specific need.