WASHINGTON, DC – Two area congressman reacted to the Afghanistan situation. Rep. Lloyd Smucker said, “President Biden and his administration have failed the American and Afghan people by completely miscalculating the strength of the Taliban and failing to prepare for the withdrawal of our nation’s armed forces. Our nation is put at greater risk for future terrorist attacks with the Taliban ruling. The Afghan people and the world will suffer the consequences for years to come due to the renewed ruling of this region by jihadists. We must pray for safety as Americans and Afghan allies are evacuated.” Rep. Scott Perry remarked “President Biden’s actions – and lack thereof – are complete and abject negligence at best and aiding and abetting our enemy at worst. To think that the Taliban wouldn’t be poised to seize upon the opportunity of this Administration’s strategic apathy and incompetence is ridiculous, not to mention a demonstrable ignorance of the enemy. And, by the way, China, Russia, and Iran are watching. This moment and the days to follow are a blight on our nation’s history.”