HARRISBURG (AP) – In his campaign for a crucial U.S. Senate seat, Democrat John Fetterman takes credit for transforming PA’s lieutenant governor’s office into a “bully pulpit” to advance progressive causes such as defending LGBT rights and recreational marijuana legalization. But records from his time in office offer a different portrait. They show Fetterman typically kept a light work schedule and was often absent from state business, including presiding over the PA Senate, which is one of his chief duties. That’s according to an Associated Press review of his daily calendars and attendance records. The review found he had nothing listed on his schedule nearly one-third of his workdays in the $179,000-a-year job. Fetterman faces Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz in what polls are showing as a close race. The winner will take over the Senate seat from Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, who is retiring.