HARRISBURG – The PA Turnpike Commission is making it easier for customers to pay their tolls and save money every time they travel the Turnpike. A recent upgrade of the Turnpike’s Toll By Plate invoice now includes a QR code customers can scan to pay right from their devices. The invoice was reshaped to better guide Toll By Plate customers through the payment process, including new options to pay. The QR code takes customers straight to the Toll By Plate website, where they can pay or convert to E-ZPass to save on current and future trips. By choosing “Convert to E-ZPass,” customer information automatically populates the form. Charges on the invoice update to reflect the lower rate being deducted from the prepaid E-ZPass account. E-ZPass and Toll By Plate customers now have six ways to pay: by mail, by phone, online, using a mobile app, through the cash-payment network, and by walk-in at the Harrisburg Customer Service Center.