LEOLA (AP) — A small exhibit delivered a big message in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, home to the nation’s largest Amish community. Thirteen simple outfits from victims of sexual assault hung from a clothesline, attesting to the reality that child sexual abuse is a serious problem among all people groups even the Amish and similar groups known for their plain dress. In the words of one organizer and abuse survivor, “It was never about the clothes.” The exhibit was part of a conference in late April raising awareness about abuse.

Dresses donated by sexual assault survivors from Amish and other plain-dressing religious groups hang on a clothesline beneath a description of each survivors’ age and church affiliation, on Friday, April 29, 2022, in Leola, Pa. The exhibit’s purpose was to show that sexual assault is a reality among children and adults in such groups. Similar exhibits held nationwide aim to shatter the myth that abuse is caused by a victim’s clothing choice. (AP Photo/Jessie Wardarski)