MORGANTOWN (AP) – Nine juveniles who escaped from a detention center in Berks County and were at large for less than a day have been captured, according to State Police. All will be charged with escape and some may face other charges. The first four were taken into custody shortly before 6 a.m. today after they went to a residence and knocked on the door. They turned themselves in because they were cold and tired, police said. The other five were captured after police received a report of a stolen vehicle and a pursuit took place. Four youths were taken into custody from the vehicle and a fifth, who took off on foot, was caught in a field a short time later. State and local police were called late Sunday to take control of Abraxas Academy in Morgantown. The escape happened after the juveniles wrested the keys away from two staff members. Abraxas Academy is a secure residential treatment program providing “specialized care for delinquent male youth between the ages of 14 to 18 in 9th grade or above,” according to the facility’s website.