HARRISBURG – As the U.S. Supreme Court considers a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs case, PA Family Institute has joined the national group Family Policy Alliance in launching a new campaign called After Roe. Alexis Sneller, PFI’s Communication and Policy Officer, says it’s more than just education, but that it helps prepare for a pro-life America after Roe. Here in the Keystone State, under the provisions of the Abortion Control Act of 1989, abortion would remain legal with certain restrictions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Further protection of the unborn and their mothers here would require additional legislative action even in a post-Roe America. Information on our current abortion laws and more is available at the AfterRoe.com website, which features an interactive map with easy-to-understand explanations of abortion’s status in each state after the overturn of Roe.