LANCASTER – The ACLU of PA has filed a lawsuit against the Lancaster County Commissioners claiming they failed to properly notify the public that they’d be considering removing the county’s one ballot drop box at a meeting last month, a failure that violates PA’s open-government law. They say PA’s Sunshine Act requires that a government agency provides the public with at least 24 hours notice of any official action by posting its agenda on its website. Meeting as the county’s board of elections on April 13, the commissioners decided to eliminate the drop box without public notice and without a vote. ACLU of PA Executive Director Reggie Shuford says when the commissioners talked about removing the county’s ballot drop box, county residents deserved the chance to weigh in on an important voting rights issue. Instead, the commissioners didn’t bother to tell anyone what they were doing until the meeting was convened. The ACLU is representing Brian Frey of Ephrata and Jon Foley Sherman of Manheim Township. The case was filed in Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas and asks the court to issue an order prohibiting the commissioners from removing the drop box until and unless they hold a properly announced meeting to consider the issue.