LANCASTER – Planned Parenthood wants to bring abortions back to Lancaster County. The abortion provider plans to open a new facility at 902 Manor Street in Lancaster and offer “medicine based” abortions. In providing abortions, Planned Parenthood also must have a transfer agreement with a local hospital in order to treat patients dealing with complications. Lancaster County Commissioner Josh Parsons responded by saying “the vast majority of the citizens of Lancaster County, myself included, are opposed to Planned Parenthood’s stated mission to bring abortion on demand to Lancaster County. Any hospital cooperating with them on this mission would be not only acting against the wishes of this majority of citizens, but also acting in opposition of the Hippocratic oath: Do No Harm. I would anticipate any hospital doing so will see many people and organizations, including Lancaster County government, reevaluate relationships they have with such an organization.” Planned Parenthood tried to begin abortions in Lancaster in the late 1990’s, but efforts were successful in stopping it.