HARRISBURG – Legislation is being introduced to establish PA Money Match, which would modernize the process of returning simple unclaimed property claims to the rightful owners. PA Money Match will authorize the state Treasury to – after a thorough identification and verification process – automatically return single-owner property valued up to $5,000 to the rightful owner. Larger and more complex claims would continue to be processed under the current procedure which requires owners, after determining they have unclaimed property, to file a claim and submit the information required to confirm their identity and their right to the property. Bill sponsor, Dauphin County Sen. John DiSanto says a number of other states have successfully implemented similar programs and have reunited their residents with many millions of dollars in unclaimed property. One out of every 10 PA residents is owed unclaimed property, and PA Money Match will make it easier and faster to return more property to the rightful owners. PA State Treasurer Stacy Garrity supports Senate Bill 24, which is now before the PA Senate Finance Committee for consideration.