HARRISBURG (AP) – In 2024, Democrat Gov. Josh Shapiro could face a more complicated sophomore year in charge of the Keystone State. He’s facing pressure to respond to a court ruling that PA’s system of public school funding unconstitutionally discriminates against poorer districts. In 2024, Shapiro is facing calls for billions of new dollars for public schools. He says school funding needs more equity. But he also says someone has to pay for it. A compromise deal may require Democrats to accept something they just defeated: a new $100 million school choice voucher program. Republican lawmakers are wary of ramping up public-school spending by billions of dollars. But they are in step with Shapiro in pushing for a voucher program – a position that made Shapiro unique among Democrat governors in the U.S. In the fall, Shapiro’s administration will be nationally watched for how it runs the presidential election when PA is again expected to be pivotal to the White House stakes. Shapiro also says administration officials have been meeting for months to prepare for this year’s election.