HARRISBURG – Since March, PA’s Unemployment Compensation System has been plagued with problems, leaving millions of workers without benefits they need to take care of their families. Since the initiation of the governor’s now-unconstitutional business shutdown and stay-at-home orders, questions have arisen as to how involved the Department of Labor and Industry, which oversees the Unemployment Compensation System, was in the process of initiating the order and whether or not the department was adequately prepared. York County Rep. Kate Klunk, a member of the House Labor and Industry Committee, wrote a letter to state Labor and Industry Secretary Jerry Oleksiak seeking information about what the department knew, when they knew it, and their level of involvement in standing up for workers prior to the shutdown order. Klunk wrote the letter noting the effect the failed system has had on her constituents and Pennsylvanians at large. She said her staff have spent countless hours on the phone with residents, many of whom were near to tears or crying, who haven’t received a cent in unemployment compensation. We must work toward a solution to the problems so that not one more Pennsylvanian has to suffer. You can read Rep. Klunk’s letter by CLICKING THIS LINK.