HARRISBURG – State officials and disability advocates celebrated the 5th anniversary of the PA ABLE Savings Program. PA ABLE is a savings program for Pennsylvanians with disabilities and their families. It provides a tax-free way to save without affecting eligibility for critical means-tested benefits such as Supplemental Security Income or Medical Assistance. Nearly 6,300 Pennsylvanians have opened PA ABLE accounts and saved over $72 million for disability expenses. To be eligible, a person’s disability must have occurred prior to their 26th birthday. Account owners can choose from six different investment options. Contributions and earnings in the accounts can be used to help save and pay for short or long-term disability related expenses including housing, transportation, assistive technology, health care, and more. Tax advantages for account owners include no federal or state income taxes owed on earnings or qualified withdrawals; a PA state income tax deduction on contributions up to $16,000 annually; and exemption from PA inheritance tax. For more information, visit paable.gov.