HARRISBURG (AP) – Gov. Tom Wolf is asking state lawmakers to raise income taxes and give public schools a massive boost in aid, even as he faces a gaping deficit and uncertainty over how much more pandemic relief the federal government will send. Because of the pandemic, Wolf is delivering his annual budget address to state lawmakers by a pre-recorded video. The Democrat governor will ask the Republican-controlled Legislature to increase the personal income tax from 3.09% to 4.49% to raise $4 billion over a full-year, or about 25% more. The cash would go to public schools and help fill a multi-billion dollar deficit inflicted by the pandemic. He also wants to impose a tax on Marcellus Shale natural gas production to underwrite billions of dollars to expand workforce development and employment assistance programs to help the state recover from the economic effects of the coronavirus. His spending proposal is likely dead-on-arrival in the Legislature. You can read more about the governor’s spending plan by clicking on his picture below.